Dave Congalton is an engaging, inspiring, and experienced public speaker, perfectly at ease with audiences large and small. He talks about screenwriting, nonfiction, and writing in general to writing groups and conferences across California and the Midwest. He is available for Zoom, Skype, and in-person presentations.

Praise for Dave Congalton:

The best speaker we’ve had this year! My favorite, hands down!” — Jason Brown, Membership Chair, Writers of Kern, Bakersfield, California

“One of the most popular speakers at our writers group this year . . . Members found his humorous yet self-effacing style fully engaging, and he did more to energize and inspire our folks to believe in themselves than any other speaker in a long, long time. He also reminded us to support each other, a message we all need to hear. Can’t wait to have him back!” — S. Kay Murphy, President, California Writers Club Inland Empire 

“Dave gave the perfect talk: funny, informative, and personal.” — Lenore Hirsch, Napa Valley Writers

“His presentation was humorous and riveting.” — Stacey Gustafson, Tri-Valley Writers

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