Where Do Kittens Come From?

I understand you want an answer. I can hear it in your tiny squeak of a meow. I can feel it in the way you rub furiously against the back of my legs. You want to know, once and for all, where kittens come from.

It’s all relatively simple. Picture a large magic bowl, much larger than what you drink out of. What should we put in this bowl? Let’s start with a little bit of Energy so that kittens can run and tumble and wrestle all day long. Add a dash of Playfulness so that no one ever gets hurt. We can’t leave out Intelligence. After all, kittens are smart, certainly smarter than any mean dog would hope to be.

Next, comes a sprinkle of Independence. Remember, kittens never beg for food. They don’t do tricks. They certainly don’t fetch. Kittens answer only to themselves. You want to sleep all day? Go for it.

Can’t leave out Courage. All good kittens are brave, each blessed with a lion inside, roaring to bust out. We add just a slight pinch of Curiosity — not too much, because we all know what can go wrong there.

We take Energy, Playfulness, Intelligence, Independence, Courage, and Curiosity, stirring them all round and round and round in our large magic bowl — nine times to be precise, one for each lucky life you’ve been given. Then we add a smidge of Cuteness because everyone knows that there is nothing more adorable in the whole world than a purring, content, kitten.

Finally, most importantly, comes the Love. Oodles and oodles of unconditional Love. The ability for you to love yourself and realize what a very special animal you are. The gift for you to love and to be loved in return. knowing the undeniable joy you can bring simply by curling up next to someone.

All that blends together. We leave the magic bowl out overnight. In the morning we awaken to a curled up, bundle of fur and joy sleeping on our bed. Is there a better way to start the day?

So now you know, my fine young furry friend, where kittens come from.

This essay appeared originally in the book The One Minute Cat Manager by Kac Young.

Published by Dave Congalton

Writer. Radio Host. Screenwriter. Enjoying the Good Life on California's Central Coast.

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