The Icarus of District 3

The text came in at 6:04 tonight, just as I was beginning the final hour of my radio show. “Unconfirmed report that Adam Hill is dead.” I spent the next 15 minutes multi-tasking; continuing a conversation about the 75th anniversary of Hiroshima with my guest, while actively scanning local news sites for something, anything. ConfirmationContinue reading “The Icarus of District 3”

In the Valley of Elijah

Jerry Lenthall is tall; Adam Hill is not, easily allowing one to cast the upcoming June election for District 3 county supervisor as a classic David and.Goliath struggle. Lenthall, the incumbent, did not taunt potential opponents daily like Goliath, but his large frame, law enforcement background, and well-financed war chest sent an imposing message toContinue reading “In the Valley of Elijah”