Dog Math

Two is always greater than one. Always. Basic mathematical principle universally understood. Apples. Kisses. Dollars. World Series baseball tickets. It doesn’t matter. Having two of something, anything, is always better than having just one. Yet I’ve been rethinking my math lately since we brought two new dogs home to Atascadero. Tanner and Charles Foster KanineContinue reading “Dog Math”

It’s What’s Underneath that Counts

The older woman breezes into the store, smiling and self-assured. She’s 60, maybe 65. Her purchase today will be a single item—wild blueberry love oil. Tricia Nilmeier takes the woman’s $15 at the cash register. “Honey, I’m glad you gals had this sexual revolution,” the woman tells Tricia. “I never would have bought something likeContinue reading “It’s What’s Underneath that Counts”