Poly Canyon

A few hundred inspired souls spent Sunday morning scrambling up the narrow paths to the top of Bishop Peak. I opted for a more solitary journey with Topper. Our destination: Poly Canyon. For people in the university community, Poly Canyon is old news, as much a Cal Poly fixture as Kennedy Library or Mustang Stadium.Continue reading “Poly Canyon”

Sally and Kristin

By all account, she was a young woman with a future. She went off to college, a good Midwestern private school. Joined a sorority. Made friends easily. Studied hard, but not too hard. Partied hard, but within reason. She wasn’t my best student, but she tried. After graduation, she landed a job doing marketing forContinue reading “Sally and Kristin”

The Young Turks

Arthur James Clancy Lewis Hogarth came to town for a brief visit last Saturday. Lewis has been a special part of my life for almost a decade. He was there the day I brought Topper home from the shelter. He introduced me to Charlotte. There was, of course, much to catch up on as weContinue reading “The Young Turks”

The First 30 Days

He and she are friends, college students drinking together in his dorm room. He drinks a beer. She drinks a beer. Then another. And one more. Alcohol usually becomes a factor. Fueled by the alcohol, he tries to kiss her. She says no. He says yes. But he doesn’t stop with just a kiss. SuddenlyContinue reading “The First 30 Days”