The Stuff of Dreams

This is the moment, the stuff that dreams are supposedly made of. Catherine Ryan Hyde carefully, but assuredly, seals the nondescript cardboard mailing box. She’s saying goodbye to the last six months of her life; that’s how long it’s taken the Cambria author to write and rewrite, and rewrite again, the 286 typed, double-spaced pagesContinue reading “The Stuff of Dreams”

The Most Beautiful Woman

Here’s a lesson for aspiring writers. If you come up with a good idea, jot it down and file it away somewhere. If you write a story or a poem or a screenplay and it doesn’t initially sell, file it away. You never know when you might be able to use it. Case in pointContinue reading “The Most Beautiful Woman”

Returning to My Roots

It seems a bit odd, in this age of 700,000 plus podcasts, to be starting up a blog. Is there anyone out there NOT hosting a podcast? Some might wonder if this new project is born out of COVID boredom–my friend King Harris, for example, has spent the last few weeks organizing thousands of oldContinue reading “Returning to My Roots”