It Was a Very Good Year

I glanced at the calendar the other day and realized that 2007 marks 20 years since I first arrived in San Luis Obispo. Now I realize that for many of you old-timers, 20 years is nothing, a mere ripple, a minor footnote, but I’ve never lived anywhere for that amount of time and it gaveContinue reading “It Was a Very Good Year”

A Voice Out of the Past

If you remember listening to Russ James on local radio, chances are you’re older than me. Before Bill Benica, Captain Buffoon, Peterson (Pause) and the News, Danny Clarkson, or Mac the Scotch Hillbilly, there was the lanky Texas native with the velvet voice who was morning radio in this town for eleven years. Those were theContinue reading “A Voice Out of the Past”

One From the Heart

Ellie Edwards, a fortysomething massage therapist in Avila Beach, recently took an English class out at Cuesta to brush up on her creative writing skills. Little did she realize how one assignment would change her life.          For her final paper, Ellie decided to write about altruistic organ donation and her research took her to reading “One From the Heart”

The Little Store That Could

True story. I’m standing outside the Crushed Grape the other day, having just finished lunch. Two older women walk out of the neighboring Embassy Suites and approach me. They seem very nice. They’re from Chicago, they explain. In town for a wedding. The women have a question. Is it true that there’s an Applebee’s nearby?Continue reading “The Little Store That Could”

Let Me Be Clear

The suits have been shuffling in and out of Zaca Lane for the last few months; anonymous, earnest-looking faces roaming the halls at Clear Channel Radio, trying to decide the key question. Do they want to spend $20 million to buy four San Luis Obispo radio stations and another four stations in Santa Maria? InContinue reading “Let Me Be Clear”