Boom, She’s Gone

Barbara Boom has decided to trade in the SLO Life for a Rocky Mountain High, so by the time you read this, she should be safely established at her new place in Denver. Barbara called San Luis Obispo home for the last twenty years. She wasn’t trying to move away. It just happened. During aContinue reading “Boom, She’s Gone”

Stuck on Bubble Gum Alley

Here’s a riddle: What has at least 32 different flavors, but absolutely no taste? For the answer, you must journey to the heart of San Luis Obispo, in the shadow of the city’s historic old mission. Emerald-green hills surround you. Wander past tranquil San Luis Creek and turn down tree-lined and shopper-friendly Higuera Street. UntilContinue reading “Stuck on Bubble Gum Alley”

Mr. Madonna’s Pork Project

Alex Madonna had some land, E-I, E-I-O. And on this land, he put some pigs, E-I, E-I-O. With an oink-oink here, and an oink-oink there. Here an oink. There an oink. Everywhere an oink-oink. Alex Madonna had some land, E-I, E-I-O… The words have been changed slightly, but this is one song guaranteed to raiseContinue reading “Mr. Madonna’s Pork Project”

Returning to My Roots

It seems a bit odd, in this age of 700,000 plus podcasts, to be starting up a blog. Is there anyone out there NOT hosting a podcast? Some might wonder if this new project is born out of COVID boredom–my friend King Harris, for example, has spent the last few weeks organizing thousands of oldContinue reading “Returning to My Roots”

Mr. First Amendment

You can still pick up the phone and call the local American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) hotline, but something is amiss. The woman’s voice on the recording sounds helpful and sincere, but it’s not quite the same. The passion is missing; the fervor is gone. Let’s face it—she’s not Hank Alberts. Hank was the executiveContinue reading “Mr. First Amendment”

Top of the Hill

Bishop Street probably has more “No Parking” signs than any other residential street in San Luis Obispo. Not just during certain restricted hours. No parking—period. That policy is not surprising given the impressive, security-conscious homes that line the south edge of the street. I suspect those signs are also there, in part, to discourage peopleContinue reading “Top of the Hill”

The Sounds of Silence

Somewhere beneath my feet, and the high grass, and the silt, was the spot. They had all come here before me. All had stood on this very spot. Somewhere in this immediate area. Bob Hope. Bing Crosby. Rudy Vallee. George Burns and Gracie Allen. The Babe. Harpo Marx. I wish I could tell you thatContinue reading “The Sounds of Silence”

In the Valley of Elijah

Jerry Lenthall is tall; Adam Hill is not, easily allowing one to cast the upcoming June election for District 3 county supervisor as a classic David and.Goliath struggle. Lenthall, the incumbent, did not taunt potential opponents daily like Goliath, but his large frame, law enforcement background, and well-financed war chest sent an imposing message toContinue reading “In the Valley of Elijah”

It Was a Very Good Year

I glanced at the calendar the other day and realized that 2007 marks 20 years since I first arrived in San Luis Obispo. Now I realize that for many of you old-timers, 20 years is nothing, a mere ripple, a minor footnote, but I’ve never lived anywhere for that amount of time and it gaveContinue reading “It Was a Very Good Year”