Where Do Kittens Come From?

I understand you want an answer. I can hear it in your tiny squeak of a meow. I can feel it in the way you rub furiously against the back of my legs. You want to know, once and for all, where kittens come from. It’s all relatively simple. Picture a large magic bowl, muchContinue reading “Where Do Kittens Come From?”

The Summer of Margaret

I have been a professional writer for nearly twenty years. Talent and desire only get you so far. Many, many people have helped and encouraged me along the way, but two stand out in particular, being in the right place, at the right time, to give me the encouragement and guidance I needed.  Jeff FairbanksContinue reading “The Summer of Margaret”

All the Better to See You With, Mom

November 1952. A young mother in New Jersey lovingly gives her two boys their evening bath. There is excitement and anticipation in the air—Thanksgiving is almost here. Bruce and John can almost taste the turkey. Yes, their mother once again assures them, there will be pie. Pumpkin, and probably apple, too. Now sit still, sheContinue reading “All the Better to See You With, Mom”

Stuck on Bubble Gum Alley

Here’s a riddle: What has at least 32 different flavors, but absolutely no taste? For the answer, you must journey to the heart of San Luis Obispo, in the shadow of the city’s historic old mission. Emerald-green hills surround you. Wander past tranquil San Luis Creek and turn down tree-lined and shopper-friendly Higuera Street. UntilContinue reading “Stuck on Bubble Gum Alley”

It’s What’s Underneath that Counts

The older woman breezes into the store, smiling and self-assured. She’s 60, maybe 65. Her purchase today will be a single item—wild blueberry love oil. Tricia Nilmeier takes the woman’s $15 at the cash register. “Honey, I’m glad you gals had this sexual revolution,” the woman tells Tricia. “I never would have bought something likeContinue reading “It’s What’s Underneath that Counts”

Mr. Madonna’s Pork Project

Alex Madonna had some land, E-I, E-I-O. And on this land, he put some pigs, E-I, E-I-O. With an oink-oink here, and an oink-oink there. Here an oink. There an oink. Everywhere an oink-oink. Alex Madonna had some land, E-I, E-I-O… The words have been changed slightly, but this is one song guaranteed to raiseContinue reading “Mr. Madonna’s Pork Project”

The Man in 21 C

Clutching my boarding pass, I slowly made my way down the crowded aisle. The flight was full. There was excitement and anticipation in the air as the passengers settled in their seats, waiting to depart Santiago, Chile that Sunday morning. Next stop, Ushuaia, Argentina and a rendezvous with a cruise ship bound for Antarctica. IContinue reading “The Man in 21 C”

Returning to My Roots

It seems a bit odd, in this age of 700,000 plus podcasts, to be starting up a blog. Is there anyone out there NOT hosting a podcast? Some might wonder if this new project is born out of COVID boredom–my friend King Harris, for example, has spent the last few weeks organizing thousands of oldContinue reading “Returning to My Roots”

Mr. First Amendment

You can still pick up the phone and call the local American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) hotline, but something is amiss. The woman’s voice on the recording sounds helpful and sincere, but it’s not quite the same. The passion is missing; the fervor is gone. Let’s face it—she’s not Hank Alberts. Hank was the executiveContinue reading “Mr. First Amendment”